Becoming the example

I see you


I see me

.I see God.


How critical are we of others? If we listen closely to the inner voice that picks others apart, we will hear the very familiar tone that we critique ourselves with. How much of a difference would it make on the pressures we place on ourselves to approach our consistent evolution with compassion and understanding?

It may seem strange to hold our hands up to our hearts and say “baby it will be ok” but we already talk to ourselves in the subconscious ways that we communicate with our internal frustrations. Also, its important to reflect on the reasons why we perceive loving and sweet affections towards ourselves as strange to begin with. Have we disassociated from love, so much so that we cannot bare give it to our own selves without feeling awkward about it? That is telling. It is telling of how capable we truly are of loving.

We deserve all the love in the entire universe. We deserve our own love the most because that is the love that bears peace and acceptance. The knowing that whatever phase we are in, whether we’re in our shadow or feeling like the brightest light of this solar system, that this very moment is teaching us how to love ourselves deeper and stronger. Its ok baby, it’s ok if we are harsh sometimes, unfair, judgemental. Its ok, to wish to be in another place, in another time. Could we sit with ourselves and accept that?

Love doesn’t shame, love is a warm hug when we’re shivering with discomfort. It is an entire life process of being lost and found, of death and rebirth, to align and consistently re-align with love. To shed skin and trauma. To meet the many facets of ourselves. To learn peace when the world teaches chaos and turmoil. It’s ok baby, it’s ok, I love you – Could we sit with that? Could we repeat it often?

We are all in our own very unique journeys. Seeking to inspire love within self, is the way to inspire love in the world. And this world baby, is in dire need of our love.

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