A New Dawn

What is to keep us from suffocating when we’re surrounded by concrete? When the breath of our chest, and the Earth’s heartbeat feel tortured and locked in? What do we hold on to when all seems grim?


We’ve seen it all and continue to see the worst, and if we haven’t, we carry some far off memory of it in our bones. We’ve suffered through the motions of worlds that have ended time and time again. Our predecessors have literally cried and bled us to life, and here we are now, again, scavenging the final bits of life we have within, to try and live another day.

But reach for hope.

Reach for a vision, a dream, a life of our own. Hold on my love, because our ancestors honored the sun. They knew that after the darkest night, comes the dawn. And if we would just stop and feel the many ways, shapes and forms that they’re here with us, to guide us and love us, we would carry the prayer and wisdom that supports us on our path to liberation.

Our ancestor’s respect, reverence and connection to spirit and Mother Earth was the most vital aspect that lead to our present day survival. Our connection to spirit is rebellion, because not only does it hold the key to infinite strength and illumination, but it honors all ancient prayers that held true homage to our collective resilience.

We did not come here to suffer. Nor do our ancestors want us to forget that we come from lineages of sunshine and color. We CAN hold ourselves through this moment in time and space by imagining new ways. We are the visionaries. We are abundance. Our very core is sustainable. We are people of the Earth and our Mother will heal us if we remember to tend to her. We are people of spirit and our guides will move us through to clarity, strength and strategic purpose. We CAN be hopeful and dream up solutions that heal our very own broken hearts and calls our power back to wholeness.  

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