So here we are: BANG!

A fresh new life. Aries has arrived with its fire and spark. The season has shifted to new beginnings and freshness. Do you smell the tenderness?

This is a new year. It makes sense to start off intentions with the season of new birth, instead of the white man’s interpretation of time, a new year in the dead of Winter? It just makes sense to re-program the perception of our existence to Earth’s cycles. It makes sense to decolonize our view on time because it helps carry us forward – as we are an energetic extension of the Earth and she helps us with more than just a surface to live on and exploit.

And then it all goes back to that, right? The truth of the times we’re living in and are desperately trying to run away from. All of this chaos around us. Is this our big break from it all? Where is the big break? Now that we have shed it all, new life means happiness, no? But time works on a continuum and so, we’re not going to wake up to all of our problems solved. Instead, we grow. We mature.

The continuum we’re in, is what it is. We can look forward, with hunger, harnessing the warrior spirit of Aries, while embracing the KNOWING that things will never be the same as they were before. We will not flatline into a state of bliss and ease or denial, as perhaps life was simpler for some of us before or we faked it as such. Instead, we are IN it. We’re in the uncertainty, the rage, the pain, the desperation. If we think of this era as a birthing process, you best believe, we are in the middle of the contractions. Where we peak and fall as the body (the collective force) pushes out new life. And yes, giving birth could be a blissful experience but, we’re not with the parteras, midwives and doulas – the collective consciousness has not learned that lesson yet. We are with the white coats that used black and indigenous women as guinea pigs. We will have to learn the hard way, how much its costs us to live from the scope of violence that is white supremacy and patriarchy.

And so, I invite you all to breath through the contractions. Breath and remember that life continues and that our life givers have known this truth. I invite you to call on eagle medicine to detach from being so deeply immersed in the polluted sea of change, and view life from a higher plane. See the whole and trust that warriors always carry forth whether in body or spirit or force.

May we push forth new life.

May we embrace our power and force.

Happy Spring Equinox


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