Slowing Down



The system of capitalism is asking us to speed up, to work harder and defeat more barriers. The entire culture is asking more of us. How much more can we give if we are really about “it”? In this system of indoctrination and programming, how well can we prove to the world that we are what we’ve been made to believe we’re supposed to be? In this mining of our spirit, as John Trudell once put it, we’ve forgotten that we are an extension of the natural world.

The Earth is everything but fast, it is almost a screeching halt that seems unmovable, a pace ancient to our minds. The work of decolonization, not only asks, but requires us to slow down.  Extraction and exploitation works in such a way that it depletes so quickly that it doesn’t allow for the steady process of growth to reclaim its time. If we are to defeat white supremacy-capitalism and save ourselves and the planet, we must remember what it’s like to mirror the cycles of the natural world. Otherwise, we are continuously feeding the machine of destruction.

Envision a day when everyone decided to just stop and tend to the emotional and spiritual wounds inflicted upon us by the violence of settler colonialism – the entire system that we’re actively exercising our energies to fight against – would cripple. But, this is not to be confused with neutrality. It is in cyclical, steady and deep introspection where respect and understanding for the seasons and longevity is born. For example, the winter calls for rest, reflection, intimate connection with self and loved ones.  It is a time to honor our need for hibernation, and dream up the visions for the birth of new life come Spring.  This is where we begin the process of creation and build the sturdy foundations towards legacy. This is when we tune back in to our genius, our power.

When we slow down we reject centuries of mental colonial programming, and face the truth of who we really are and in which ways we’ve been indoctrinated to place our self-worth and value on our external output. We’re also actively engaging in a rebellion against this system that heavily depends on our physical and energetic productivity. In fact, the more we build our personal power within and the less we slave it away for these institutions (including the non-profit industrial complex), the closer we get to personal and collective liberation.

This call to internal recalibration is hard work, because it depends on placing our trust on the momentum of the cosmos, day in and day out. It’s asking us to depend on nothing but time and love. Love for our self- actualization, liberation and respect for our own process of re-conditioning our minds to the pace of the natural world. Calling on a connection with the medicine of the turtle, revered as a symbolism of wisdom, patience and Mother Earth, could help us hone in on this pace and vision.

This work of a lifetime, leads us to further align with freedom. It is the pursuit of wholeness and truth. It is the work of enriching the roots and soil, upon which, once strengthened, we build the material world.